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FlockaBilling is a new web application that provides a link between WakaTime and allows invoicing through Harvest and Freshbooks. This is a groundbreaking innovation because it allows you to have a full service software without having to learn new programs often. Hugely beneficial, we integrate with popular invoicing software and plan to continue to support more in the future. WakaTime is a time tracking tool that allows you track your time developing in real-time rather then having to manage a start and stop button. This is done using an API callback method referred to as "Heartbeat". When using FlockaBilling, just login to your account through our secure dashboard and pick the project you would like to bill from WakaTime. You would then choose "Bill Em" and the program makes a invoice with the invoice provider you have chosen and set up. We noticed there needed to be a link between billing and time recording that made WakaTime even more awesome than it already is. It's simple, convenient, and allows you to spend the time you need on whats most important - your customers and coding.

Invoice Providers we currently integrate with


If you are an invoicing provider and would like to be become a preferred provider, please email us at flockabilling@invoate.com


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You will be billed after your 15 day free trail if you add a credit card on file, if you do not add a credit card on file then we will disable and delete your account after 30 days.

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